Breakthrough! Haosen has mastered key technology for 10-layer Hair-pin motor stator production, speeding up the commercialization steps for new energy customers

Recently, the 1st batch of 72-slot 10-layer Hair-pin motor stator products is successfully unloaded from the line of Shunqu Stator Prototype Project on the shop floor of Haosen. This is evidence that Haosen has successfully made a breakthrough in the key technology of 10-layer Hair-pin motor stator production, which allows an accelerated commercialization of homemade 10-layer Hair-pin motors.


Hair-pin motor, demand explosion and growth challenge

Compared with round wire motor, hair-pin motor is more striking to the clients due to its high efficiency, high power density, good NVH performance ( much quieter and more comfortable), outstanding heat-dissipation, and it is saving more room while much lighter in weight , enhancing the vehicle performance and elevating the feel of driving. With the continuous expansion of new energy vehicle market, the growing trend of hair-pin motors in recent years is quite obvious, which is further adding momentum to the development of Hair-pin motor intelligent equipment manufacturing industry.


Seeing from the manufacturing end, current mainstream technological route is Hair-pin (U-pin) route, i.e. Hair-pin motor. In order to promote Hair-pin motor performance, one direction of the technological extension is adding the surface area of the conducting wire, thus reducing the skin effect and improving motor efficiency. That is the reason for the gradual appearance of 2 to 8 layers Hair-pin motor product on the market. Although adding conducting wires can obviously improve the motor performances, it is also bringing about quite high requirements to the core production technology.

The manufacturing process of Hair-pin motor stator is very intricate, firstly the copper wires are made into shape of Hair pins and are inserted into the stator core slots using automated equipment; then are the multiple production process such as flaring, twisting and welding. The processes are having extremely high requirements towards the equipment automation rate and accuracy requirements, any deviation from one of these steps will cause damages to the uniformity and reliability of the product, which will lead to low OK rate of the product and low production efficiency. The technology in progress is yet to get matured and this is an important reason for the fact that although 10-layer Hair-pin application is currently available, it is not feasible to be widely applied in the market.  Therefore, the production line equipment manufacturer that has the production capability of multiple-layer hairpin motor stator must be having a profound accumulative experience in the mechanical, electric control, welding and other industries, and having a thorough understanding of Hair-pin motor stator manufacturing process.


Technological breakthrough, one step ahead of peer competitors in the market strategy

Haosen digs deeply into the research of Hair-pin stator equipment as well a s work process and is taking the lead in the prototype trial production for the 72 slot 10-layer Hair-pin motor stator.  Comparing with the 8-layer motor, the manufacturing process difficulty of the 10 layer Hair-pin motor almost doubled. After the successful prototype trial production, comparing with the product of the same volume, its power density is seeing an increase of 20%, which means a more powerful performance in terms of the sustained driving capability at a high speed and the capability of accelerating & overtaking fellow vehicles.  In was said that in a few days’ time, this product will enter the automated mass production phase and the planned annual output is 150k, then it will be delivered from our shop floor to Shunqu Power. This means Haosen will become one of the few enterprises that are capable of mass production of 10-layer Hair-pin motor stators. Haosen is accelerating in materializing the cutting edge technology from the lab to the commercial utilization.

In motor field, at present time, Haosen has made overall breakthrough in the aspects of mold forming technology, various stripping technology, laser welding technology, vision-guided welding technology, AI vision post-welding quality inspection technology, stator wire cup auto weaving technology and has acquired mathematical modeling capability for the stator winding & twisting process and finite elements analysis capability. and has been continuously optimizing auto flaring equipment and auto twisting equipment.  Haosen is leading the way entering the oil-cooling technological area and performing technology optimizing and specialized researches based on the 800V high-voltage platform. Next step, Haosen will continue with the research work on continuous windings and X-pin as well as other new generation Hair-pin motor production line manufacturing concept, accumulate cutting edge technology and provide strong support to the commercial utilization of new products.