Automobile industry intelligent logistical warehousing integration

Sample Product: Structural parts stereoscopic warehouse

Brief introduction: This product is integrating the intelligent sorting system, intelligent conveying system, intelligent storage system, logistical handling system and informatization software to realize the automatic sorting on certain routes, conveying to designated positions, automatic handling, inbound & outbound and digitalized management of the structural parts. 

Project compositions: Stereoscopic warehouse area, incl. material rack, stacker (2-position telescopic), elevator, and conveying system; normal warehouse area, incl. material rack, tractor-type AGV, picking system, circulating trolley; WMS management system; WCS control system and etc.

Technology highlights

  • Intelligent Sorting: Continuously sorting large quantities of goodsExtremely low sorting error rate, Saving labor cost

  • Intelligent Conveying: Easy for assembling, smooth in telescopic moving, wide range of elevating and flexible for direction changing, Good running reliability, Small drive power, good compatibility, Long service life

  • Intelligent Storage: Customized storage plan, meeting actual requirements of customers from various trades

  • Logistical Handling: Fully automatic, high flexibility, Small footprint, saving space

  • Informatization Software: Multiple business scenario management, possible to set management permission levels, Flexible for development, meeting customized requirements, Real time parameter acquisition, storage, display and monitoring, Real time parameter acquisition, storage, display and monitoring