Lithium Battery Pack Line

Demonstration product: plug- in hybrid passenger vehicle battery pack line 

Product info: the product includes a series of process from module sub-assembly, pack lower case loading, module inserted into case, module tightening, plug press, IL electrical test, upper cover loading & tightening, EOL test (incl. assembly leak test, water channel leak test and charging& discharging test), pack unloading etc., to complete assembly production from module to pack.

Project composition: module loadingmodule pasting, Pack lower case loadingmodule insertion into casemodule tightening, plug press, IL electrical test, upper case loading & tightening, EOL test, pack unloading etc.

Technology Highlights

  • Robot integration

    with vision system is

    adopted to realize full

    automation, high

    flexibility and mix

    production of the

    complete line

  • Vision system assists

    robot to realize module

    and upper cover fuzzy

    gripping; robot realizes

    module auto pasting and

    auto insertion

  • Robot to realize module and 

    upper cover fuzzy gripping; 

    robot realizes module auto

     pasting and auto insertion;

     bolt, shim auto feeding 

    and tightening

  • Plug auto feeding

    auto servo press 

  • Auto connect electrical

    test connector and leak test plugs to complete fully automatic test 

  • Upper cover 3 spindle displacement auto tightening