• RecruitmentType:Regular Employee
  • Location:Dalian
  • Post Categories:Technical
  • Department:
  • Required Degree:
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Post Requirements:

1. Secondary professional school graduates or above, with 3+ years experiences in related work;

2. Able to skillfully use all kinds of measuring instruments and gauges;

3. Able to read drawings, and having certain equipment assembly work experiences;

4. Hardworking and comfortable with business travels;

5. Having sense of team work and strong communication skills;

6. Having commissioning experiences on automobile assembly line equipment, having experience of an assembly team leader is preferred.

Post Responsibilities:

1. Able to independently accomplish equipment sub-assembly, final assembly and fine-tuning on the precision according to the assembly drawings and assembly work guidance;

2. Able to independently perform commissioning work on the equipment according to the working theory of the equipment and process requirement;

3. Able to independently identify issues appearing from the assembling and commissioning process; provide counter-measures for dealing with and solving the issues.

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