Warehouse Keeper

  • RecruitmentType:Regular Employee
  • Location:Dalian
  • Post Categories:Management
  • Department:
  • Required Degree:
  • Major in:

Post Requirements:

1. Work experiences as warehouse keeper or assistant are preferred;

2. Having simple computer using skills and office software skills is preferred;

3. Able to drive a forklift; forklift driver license is preferred;

4. Able to read mechanical drawing is preferred.

Post Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for receiving logistic vehicles or goods-delivering trucks from suppliers and following on their departure from the plant;

2. Responsible for checking carton quantity together with the logistic staff or suppliers and assign tasks for the warehouse stocktaking;

3. Responsible for recording in details logistic or supplier delivery information;

4. Responsible for assisting warehouse keeper to accomplish work contents such as unpacking, transferring, counting, stocktaking and etc;

5. Responsible for home-made parts circulation between the processing steps;

6. Readily accept other miscellaneous temporary work assignment from the supervisor. 

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