Cost Management Manager

  • RecruitmentType:Regular Employee
  • Location:Changzhou
  • Post Categories:Finance
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Post Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Familiar with project full cost accounting;

3. Know about project cost management and having basic knowledge of project cost.

Post Responsibilities:

1. Organize the PMs for issuing work assignment for the budget on the cost for the awarded project. The cost budget range is including raw material, man-hour and other costs;

2. Organize the PMs to draft on the solutions or suggestions for the cost-risky items of the project and keep records for the process tracing;

3. Organize the PMs to draft on the solutions for the expenditures exceeding the budget during the on-going project;

4. Organize the PMs to eva1uate on the cost increased due to newly added proposed concepts during the on-going project; and eva1uate on the cost due to quality issues and etc;

5. Organize for action reviews on the experience gained from the project, experience sharing on typical cases and modeling for the project risk data bank.

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