Vision Engineer

  • RecruitmentType:Regular Employee
  • Location:Dalian
  • Post Categories:Technical
  • Department:
  • Required Degree:
  • Major in:

Post Requirements:

1. Junior College degree, having certain English basis and logic thinking ability; 

2.Having certain understanding on automatic equipment;

3.Having basic computer skills and strong hands-on abilities;

4. Accepting for mid-term or long-term business trip.( 7~8 months in total per year);

5. This post is open to / provides training to potential candidates within 3 years from their graduation that are having strong desires to enter the machine visual industry , or fresh graduates.

Post Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the in-house commissioning of vision projects;

2. Responsible for the commissioning work of vision projects at the customer end;

3. Responsible for the compiling of technical data;

4. Responsible for the training program for the site staff and the customer.

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