Planning Manager

  • RecruitmentType:Regular Employee
  • Location:Dalian
  • Post Categories:Technical
  • Department:
  • Required Degree:
  • Major in:

Post Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical related subjects;

2. Having 3+ years concept design experiences;

3. Work in a down-to-earth manner with sense of responsibility and be comfortable with business travels;

4.Experiences of projects for mainstream joint-venture OEMs are preferred;

5. Good in English is preferred.

Post Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for pre-sale docking with customer requirements and updating proposed concepts according to customer requirements;

2. Responsible for technical communication with suppliers and itemize proposed concepts in depth;

3. Responsible for assisting the sales engineers for advancing the project, coordinating for departmental resources, and taking the lead in accomplishing technical bidding tasks;

4. Responsible for investigating on the cutting-edge technologies and major stumbling blocks of the trade; formulate the R&D direction of new technologies;

5. Responsible for assisting for accomplishing routine departmental management activities such as standardization of proposed concepts and etc;

6. Responsible for coordinating & solving the major deviations between concepts and designs during the project execution process; complete on the deviation report and cost analysis report.

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